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10 Things Most Girls Love In Bed But Rarely Talk About

Everyone has fantasies, even if they don’t admit to them, from everything from the creepy to the freaky, and everything in between. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone, including the girls around you, your partner, and even your would be partner. Everyone has their own secret fetishes, and you have no idea about what they are, or how they choose to indulge in them. Even more surprising are the things on this list of the top secret fetishes of women. They won’t tell you about them, but you could always ask to be the one to satisfy the itch.

#1 - Being Tied Up

Once Fifty Shades Of Grey was released so many women were able to admit that being tied up is one of their fantasies. Ask her how she feels about Mr Grey.
#2 - Filming the act for the future

Many women have secret fantasies about being filmed. They like the feeling of being filmed, and they like to watch it over and over again, just like you do. You could ask her if this is something she’s into. Never do this secretly by yourself without consent though!
#3 - Accessories and toys can help to achieve new highs

Women love to accessorize their outfits, well the same rules apply to sex. Accessories like a 50 shades gray tie, or a pair of handcuffs will make everything much hotter.
#4 - Blindfolding brings in the mystery

Being blindfolded during sex amps up the anticipation, and heightens the intensity. Ask your lover if she wants to be blindfolded, or if she wants to blindfold you.
#5 - Spooning

Sex isn’t just sex. It can mean intimacy as well, and there’s no better way to encourage intimacy than caressing each other, and spooning all night.
#6 - Dirty Talk

There’s nothing wrong with some dirty talk in the bedroom. Keep it mild mannered in public, but let your dirty side out when you’re alone.
#7 - Roleplaying 

A lot of women have secret roleplay fantasies. Roleplay can make sex exciting, and even more fun, but you will need to talk to your lover, and decide which roles excite both of you.
#8 - Lubes for that extra moist

Lubes can help make sex easier, and applying it can feel very intimate.
#9 - Adult movies

Some women really enjoy watching adult films, especially with their significant other. Ask your lover if she would like to try watching some adult movies with you.
#10 - Messy

Most of the time women don’t like to get messy, but introducing things like creams, sauces, ad edible body paint into your sex life could be a naughtier way to get messy.

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