Expert Author Beverly Keyes Taylor
Look at your schedule book. How many clients do you have booked for this coming week? Only one? Gee, you better do something about that. Perhaps you know other hypnotists are successful with their hypnosis practice, but you feel like you're struggling a bit to keep your business afloat.
Remember, you temporarily are denying yourself of low sales. Low sales aren't denying you of being successful. You are really great at using hypnosis to solve their problems. That's fabulous. But marketing is not your specialty. At the same time, you know you must find more clients to stay in business. You feel scared. There are bills to be paid. You can't think clearly right now. Here's what you are doing to your brain chemistry and how to change it to attract more clients.
1. Using Self-Limiting Attitudes, Thoughts and Mind Images, You Deplete Serotonin, Oxytocin, Testosterone and Dopamine
These 4 neurochemicals in balanced amounts cause your brain to create these chemical substances so you generally feel satisfied, blissful, driven and excited about life. By intentionally looking for the good in a situation, your brain works with you to create these hormones and neurotransmitters so you can successfully achieve marketing goals to keep your business going.
If you think pessimistically that you 'just can't market successfully', your brain hears your command and down go your business profits. However, as you know, hypnotically scripting fabulous, thrilling and spectacular possibilities about having more clients than you can handle brings you that reality, too.
So, think thoughts and create thrilling mind images that result in you feeling confident, uplifted and encouraged about your super successful hypnosis practice. Following the Law of Attraction, you get more of what you consciously focus on. And as you focus on possibilities, your brain supports those ideas by creating more serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine or testosterone to create the balance you need. Cool, huh?
2. Do a Joint Venture With A Complimentary Organization To Hypnosis That also Promotes Natural Wellness
Look for a charitable organization in which you believe that needs money. Offer to do a stress reduction seminar or natural pain relief seminar using hypnosis. Ask the charitable organization to promote your seminar as a fundraiser. Agree to give a portion of the profits to the charitable organization.
When you hold the seminar and feel fulfilled about what you're doing, your brain supports what you're doing by providing natural neurochemicals to assist you in successfully completing the activity. This is a great way to get the benefit of an already established list of people interested in natural wellness.
The organization pays for the promotion, you gain new clients and you get to use hypnosis. This increases your practice numbers.
3. Use Hypnosis Yourself to Brainstorm Marketing Opportunities That Promote You
Use your hypnosis skill and write a manifesting script to bring in more clients. Imagine already having achieved your goal in a thrilling outcome of bringing in new clients. This final idea is a great way to keep your hypnosis skill honed.


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