Expert Author Marcia Zidle
At some point in every professional or managerial career, there is a time when one start thinking: Is it time to move on or do something else? However, before you quit your job and take a fling at something else, realistically evaluate your career and potential options by asking yourself these ten career success questions:
  1. Do I really like my work or am I hanging on marking time?
  2. Am I promotable or am I seen as a disposable commodity?
  3. Am I visible to potential employers, as well as my current boss?
  4. Am I growing or stagnating or just standing still waiting for the next wave of change?
  5. How smooth are my interpersonal relationships with my boss and co-workers?
  6. Am I being rewarded at my true worth?
  7. Have I recently checked out my value in the marketplace?
  8. How valued and diversified are my skills and competencies?
  9. How can I distinguish myself from competitors?
  10. What will it take to get where I want to go from the place I am right now?
While setting distinct goals is a critical factor in career advancement, remaining flexible is important too. Climbing the career ladder with blinders on could mean missed opportunity. Career success involves staying open, staying flexible and making sure you're using your talents to the fullest. Remember, control your destiny or someone else will!
Marcia Zidle, a business and leadership development expert, works with entrepreneurial organizations who want to be a dominant player in competing for customers, clients, funding or community awareness.


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