Expert Author Susan Leigh
How do other people know that we care about them unless we let them know somehow? The way we treat them, talk to them, our behaviour and actions are all important parts of the messages we send to the people in our lives. Let's look at some of the best ways to demonstrate our commitment to our special relationships.
- Time is one of the most valuable things that we have. Much of our time is spoken for and as such is non-negotiable. We may have a job, be in education, have responsibilities and appointments, all of which swallow up vast chunks of our time. Allocating some of our important free time to others lets them know that we value their company, that we are choosing to spend time with them.
- A regular date with each other can be an important part of our commitment to them. Rather than a more hit-and-miss situation, making a regular commitment can demonstrate that we are prepared to become involved in something that is more of a joint venture. It may include becoming part of a regular group, deciding to learn to dance together or making a committed involvement towards doing something on a regular basis. Sharing and undertaking things together is an important way of showing that we care.
- Loyalty is an important way of demonstrating commitment. Standing up for someone especially when they are not present shows that we care about them and are prepared to say so in public. Being loyal to the relationship is also about fidelity, being faithful to the other person and demonstrating that we value the relationship and the part it plays in our life. We are committed to keeping our integrity at times of temptation or when things are perhaps a little difficult in the relationship.
- Honesty matters. Telling the truth even when it may be a tough choice is an important commitment to the relationship. It demonstrates that it is built on solid ground, not on lies and deceit. Many people value honesty as the most important part of a relationship. It can be very difficult for a relationship to recover, or to believe someone after they have been caught in a lie, even if it was a small one or told with the best of intentions.
- Respect includes good manners and treating each other politely and with consideration. It also includes taking the time to find out how the other person thinks and feels, what is important to them. It is about respecting their values even if we don't necessarily share them. We can appreciate their point of view, empathise with their rationale and still agree to disagree, respectfully. Different points of view can precipitate interesting conversations and discussions.
- Quality communications are a two-way process. In an important relationship making the effort and investing in good quality communications forms the cornerstone of a valuable commitment to each other. Committing to regular open and honest communications can often ensure that a relationship remains a solid, supportive and important part of our life.
Demonstrating commitment includes many other attributes. Being patient with each other, tolerant of each others ways, perhaps being polite to their awful friends or family are all ways of showing that we are able to think about others and their needs and comfort. At times being committed to another can require seeing the bigger picture, that something matters so much to the other person that it is worth making the effort for. When we do that we demonstrate our commitment to the other person.


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