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Expert Author John Dugan
Whether on a vacation or a business trip, travel is a chance for a person to explore new worlds. And sometimes exploring new worlds includes doing a little self-exploration as well. Many men find that there's something especially satisfying about indulging in a little masturbation while on a trip. Sometimes it can be a way of putting a little relaxing pleasure into an unexpectedly tense business trip. Or it can be simply fun to experience masturbation in a hotel room setting. As long as a guy practices good penis care, there shouldn't be a problem - but these travel masturbation trips can help make the experience more enjoyable.
- Know the local laws. Especially when traveling to another country, a guy may feel like he's in a position to engage in behaviors he couldn't get away with at home. He may have heard that "anything goes" in some places and think that he can engage in public masturbation in the proper setting. But risky behavior is risky behavior all over the world, and unless he absolutely knows for certain that masturbation is allowed in certain settings, he should restrain himself to fondling in private.
- Bring supplies. Most hotels provide complimentary hand lotions that may be suitable for masturbation - but if a guy has especially sensitive skin or if he has a favorite lubricant, he should bring it with him, just to be safe. He may also want to pack a selection of sex toys for his enjoyment - although it's probably best to check a bag in such cases. It can be embarrassing if his carry-on needs to be searched and his penis ring or anal plug is pulled out.
- Be careful with the pay TV. Many travelers find to their delight that their hotel offers some pornographic movie options for their viewing and masturbating pleasure. If a man wishes to take advantage of this and he is traveling on business, he should be sure that he is using his own credit card, and not the company's; his employer is likely to frown on using the company card for erectile enjoyment.
- Be aware of others. One of the benefits of traveling alone is that a guy can feel more uninhibited. No one knows him, so he may not care what they think of him, and so he may decide to roar and moan like a madman while self-gratifying. However, hotel walls are not always so thick, and although he may not care what his neighbors think of him, he should still be aware that too much noise can be awkward for them -and can keep them from getting a good night's sleep.
- Try something new. A change of scene is an excellent opportunity to try something new with one's masturbation. If the bathroom has a Jacuzzi, perhaps try masturbating to jet sprays. Guys who always masturbate with their fists may want to try rubbing the penis against bedsheets. Those who never watch themselves in the act may want to take advantage of a full length mirror in the hotel room to see what they look like when masturbating.
Of course, lots of men don't masturbate when on a trip - and that's okay, too. but for those who do, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some "me time" in a different setting.
Travel masturbation, like at-home masturbation, carries with it the risk of going overboard. When masturbating results in rawness, regular use of a top notch penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is more necessary than ever. In such cases, a crème definitely needs to combine the benefits of a high end emollient (such as shea butter) with a powerful natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). And since rough handling can over time lead to de-sensitization of the penis, the crème should also contain L-carnitine. This neuroprotective ingredient helps to maintain proper penis sensation.
Expert Author John Dugan
On an average man-targeted website, there's at least one pop-up promoting the notion of "all night" erections, leading many men to believe that an everlasting boner is something to strive for. In reality, the penis is simply not designed to stay firm for hours. In fact, men with erections that simply won't go away and are accompanied by penis pain may have an emergency medical condition known as priapism; this condition can cause permanent damage and requires immediate attention to penis care.
Common Causes
A penis is a bit like a balloon, designed to fill up for use and then empty out when the moment has passed. Unlike a balloon, which is typically filled with air, a penis is filled up with blood, and anytime that flow of blood is disrupted, the erection can malfunction. In most cases, priapism occurs when blood can't leave the penis. Some men, however, experience difficulty when too much blood goes into the penis.
Some diseases cause abnormalities in blood vessels or in the blood itself. Sickle cell anemia and leukemia, for example, can cause these kinds of changes; these diseases have both been associated with priapism. There are times, however, when substances a man puts into his body change his blood flow, and these substances can also cause episodes of unwanted, persistent erections. Common culprits include:
  • Blood thinners
  • Antidepressants
  • Erectile dysfunction medications
  • Some illicit drugs
A traumatic blow to the penis or the area around the penis can also cause priapism. When the injury is severe enough to sever an artery or a vein, the blood's movement is hindered, and the blood can rush where it doesn't belong or get trapped in the tissues of the penis with no way out.
Getting Better
Priapism is considered a medical emergency, and as a result, men who have erections lasting more than 4 hours are often encouraged to head right to the emergency room in order to get help. It can be an embarrassing visit for men, as they may not wish to discuss their erection problems in front of medical professionals they've never met before, and if the penis has been damaged due to a sex-related injury, men may be especially reluctant to talk about the problem. However, avoiding treatment can result in permanent damage to the penile tissue and even lead to loss of function. Men should keep in mind that medical professionals are there to help, and they have been trained to deal with exactly such problems. Rather than judging their patients, they're likely to want to stick to the facts of the case and develop a treatment plan, so the patient can get better and the doctor can move on to the next person who needs help.
In some cases, priapism can be treated with either oral or injectable medications. These drugs can cause the blood vessels to constrict or expand so that the trapped blood can once again move freely. If medications don't work, shunting surgery can provide a rapid solution, and healing times for this procedure are generally short.
Expert Author John Dugan
Penis discharge of a fluid other than urine or semen from the urethral opening is not normal, and it is usually the sign of an infection. While most infections can be treated through standard medical care, early intervention is important in preventing complications or the risk of passing on the infection. In addition, attention to penis care and proper hygiene, as well as the practice of safe sex, are all important in reducing the chances of contracting a communicable disease.
Symptoms of penis discharge
Any type of fluid expelled from the penile opening that is not semen or urine is not normal and is referred to as discharge. This fluid can range in appearance and consistency from a clear, watery fluid to a yellowish or whitish, thick and/or chunky substance. In some cases, the discharge may appear greenish in color, and an unpleasant odor may be present.
It is important to note that the seminal fluid that is released during arousal (often referred to as "precum") or that leaks from the urethral opening following climax is not abnormal; it is simply the body's natural solution for lubrication and should not be a cause for concern.
Discharge related to infection may be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain or burning on urination, frequency of urination, fever, sore throat, swollen glands, headache, rash in the groin area and itching.
What causes abnormal discharge from the penis?
Any type of discharge (from the penis or otherwise) is typically a sign of infection. In the case of the penis, this problem is usually related to a sexually transmitted infection such as gonnorhea, chlamydia, or herpes. Some non-sexually transmitted conditions, including thrush (yeast infection) and balanitis may also cause similar symptoms.
Men who experience any of these symptoms are urged to seek medical care. Ignoring the problem can lead to complications, and any sexual contact while symptoms are present can result in passing the infection to a partner. Men who are carrying a sexually transmitted infection can pass it on to a partner without the presence of symptoms, so all individuals who are active should be tested regularly.
Treatment for penis infection
Treatment for an infection depends on the exact cause of the condition, which can generally be determined by a swab test of the fluid. Yeast infection is typically treated with over-the-counter or prescription creams; communicable diseases generally require a round of antibiotics.
Men who are infected should abstain from sexual contact during the course of the treatment, and partners should be treated as well; otherwise, the risk of reinfection is high.
Preventing infection and boosting penis health
Not all penis infections can be prevented, and chances are that most men will run into occasional problems. However, with the right treatment, men can reduce the risk of contracting a communicable disease that can cause unpleasant and difficult-to-treat symptoms.
The first line of defense, of course, comes down to using barrier protection, especially for random sexual encounters. Men who are in a committed relationship should make it a priority to talk honestly and openly with their partners about any past issues and decide on the best approach to disease prevention and birth control.
Expert Author John Dugan
In spite of educational efforts and the easy availability of protection, the number of patients diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection, or STI, continues to increase each year, particularly among teenagers and young adults. This problem makes it clear that not everyone takes the risks seriously - at least until it happens to them.
At the first sign of penis blisters, sores, discharge, or anything else out of the ordinary, men are prone to panic, wondering who could have infected them and whether they are now doomed to a life alone, with no hope of enjoying sex again. A positive diagnosis of an STI can be truly devastating; not only in terms of the symptoms of the infection itself, but also in terms of the personal consequences. Fortunately, many STIs can be treated successfully, and with the right approach to penis care, men can overcome the physical and emotional effects and enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe sex life.
What is an STI, anyway?
A sexually transmitted infection is any infectious condition that is transmitted through sexual contact, whether through skin-on-skin contact or through the sharing of body fluids. Many STIs are caused by bacteria; these can generally be treated through a course of antibiotics. However, a large number of infections are viral in nature; while some of these may eventually be eliminated from the body, others are not curable, and those who have contracted them will face a lifetime of medications and the possibility of infecting a romantic partner.
Symptoms of STIs vary according to the cause, but many recognizable signs include fever, sore throat, blisters or warts on the genitals, itching, and discharge from the penis. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that not all infected individuals show any outward symptoms, but they can still pass the disease on to a partner. Therefore, safe sex and frequent testing are essential for all sexually active people.
Four tips for managing the physical and emotional effects
Aside from the uncomfortable and embarrassing physical symptoms of an STI, men who are infected face problems like loss of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. The following tips can help men and their partners to manage these concerns and take the most positive steps possible toward recovery.
  • Know the enemy - understanding the disease and its implications is essential to treating it properly. Men who are infected should find out everything they can about the condition, as well as how it is treated, and should not be afraid to ask for help from trained medical professionals.

  • Stop the blame - it can be easy to feel hurt and betrayed when the signs of an STI appear. However, a sexually transmitted infection is not always a sign that a partner has been unfaithful. Either partner could easily have been infected in a previous relationship, so blaming one another is only likely to result in more hurt and distress.

  • Seek counseling­ - men who have a communicable disease often feel a great loss of self-worth and may feel socially isolated after contracting an infection. Joining a support group or talking to a sex counselor can be a good way to put things in perspective and learn how to manage the stress and anxiety.
Expert Author John Dugan
Five of the most common penis problems are described here, along with their causes and options for treatment, from medication to the regular use of penis vitamins and minerals that may help to resolve penis problems and promote male intimate health.
Reddened and irritated penis skin which occurs especially after sex, naturally enough raises concerns about the last sexual partner and the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease. While it is always advisable to use protection and to be selective in the choice of sexual partners, the explanation for irritation and penis skin rash is often more straightforward: friction caused by deep or vigorous penetration is often enough to cause redness, rash and soreness on the sensitive skin of the penis.
However, if irritated skin does not heal within a few days, becomes worse, or is accompanied by fever or other flu-like symptoms, men are always advised to seek medical treatment right away.
Another common type of penis skin rash results from a condition called thrush, which is a form of yeast infection. Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of yeast on the skin which is in most cases due to a chemical imbalance. Thrush is easily passed between sexual partners and can affect women too, so when symptoms of a yeast infection are present, it is best to abstain from sex until the infection disappears.
Thrush is generally treated with over-the-counter anti-fungal medications (similar to those used to treat vaginal yeast infection). Men who are experiencing these symptoms for the first time should talk to a doctor to verify the diagnosis before self-medicating.
Jock Itch
Jock itch, known in medical terms as tinea cruris, is a type of fungal infection. It is caused by an overgrowth of the same type of fungus that is responsible for athlete's foot and ringworm. Jock itch presents as a red, spreading rash which may be accompanied by severe itching and/or burning, and it can affect the entire groin area.
Jock itch is a stubborn infection. It can be treated with over-the-counter antifungal medications - these should be used for the recommended duration, even if the symptoms clear up quickly, or the infection can recur. Taking steps to prevent infection in the first place is the best way to avoid this infection. Men should avoid sharing towels and articles of clothing, keep the area clean and dry, and wash items such as athletic supports regularly. All fungal infections thrive in moist, warm areas and can live on in unwashed clothing and towels for an extended period of time.
Penile Psoriasis
A spreading, flaking penis skin rash with clearly defined edges and/or a scaly appearance may be an indication of psoriasis. While this condition is not contagious, it can cause social embarrassment and is often extremely off-putting to potential sexual partners.
Treating psoriasis often involves the application of vitamin A creams; steroid treatments may also be used in difficult cases. Because this condition is chronic, ongoing treatment may be necessary to promote smooth, healthy-looking penis skin.
Penis Papules
Whitish or pink bumps that resemble acne are common on the penis skin and may resemble a rash. However, these growths, which are usually found around the crown of the penis, are benign and generally don't cause any other symptoms. Treating the skin with a conditioning and moisturizing cream may help to maintain smooth, attractive penis skin.
Maintaining Penis Health
The key to preventing many common penis problems or to promoting rapid healing of minor penis skin rashes lies in adequate attention to hygiene and nutrition. Bathing regularly and using mild cleansers, rather than soaps (which are often drying and can result in further irritation) is recommended. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing can allow the skin to breathe and discourage the growth of yeast and fungal infections in intimate areas.
Nourishing the penis skin with a male-specific penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing skin nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as antioxidants and all-natural moisturizers, may help to reduce the incidence of infection, soothe irritated skin, and leave the penis looking and feeling smooth, supple and healthy.
Expert Author John Dugan
According to the American Kidney Foundation, more than 20 million men in the US alone experience problems with weak erections. While sexual dysfunction is a complex problem, circulatory problems are often behind erections that are less vigorous than most men would prefer and addressing these underlying issues may help to correct the problem.
Understanding how blood circulation affects the penis, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and nourishing the skin, nerves and blood vessels with penis vitamins and minerals may promote increased circulatory health and improve the firmness of erections.
How erections work
When sexual stimulation occurs; either via direct physical contact or by way of mental stimulus, the brain sends a signal to the nerves of the penis which instruct the blood vessels to relax and process allows for increased blood flow into a pair of spongy cavities known as the corpora cavernosa. Once these are full of blood, or distended, high level pressure prevents it from flowing back out, resulting in an erect penis.
How circulation affects erections
Healthy circulation is important in achieving and maintaining erections for two main reasons:
1) Without sufficient blood flow, the penis cannot become fully distended, and any erection will therefore be weak or may not occur at all.
2) The nerves that are responsible both for transmitting tactile sensation to the brain and for directing the blood vessels to relax depend upon adequate blood flow for nourishment to allow them to function properly. Because of this, reduced circulation can lead to nerve damage that may impair proper nerve function, ultimately affecting erectile function.
Factors that affect healthy circulation
Numerous issues may have an effect on circulation, both in the penis area and throughout the body. The most common circulatory problems involve health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Diabetes in particular is known to affect nerve function and erectile ability and men who suffer from clogged arteries and other cardiovascular problems are also prone to impaired circulatory health.
Other factors that can restrict circulation to the penis include being overweight and wearing restrictive clothing. In addition, men who participate in cycling for recreation or competition often report reduced sensation and erectile ability which is due to the pressure caused by the narrow bicycle seat obstructing blood flow to the penis over long periods of time.
Tips for improving penile circulation
The following suggestions may be helpful in improving erectile function and overall circulatory health. However, all men should keep in mind that underlying health conditions may be the cause of feeble erections and other penile problems and any prolonged or painful conditions should be treated by a medical professional.
1) Lose weight. Men who are overweight are prone to multiple health issues, not just weak erections and maintaining a healthy body weight is key practice to overcoming these problems.
2) Exercise. Staying in shape not only helps to keep body weight at a healthy level, it also improves circulation throughout the body, allowing for proper function of cells such as nerve tissue that are essential to sexual function.
3) Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Tight pants or underwear can limit blood flow to the area, causing reduced circulation and loss of penile sensation. Men who are active in sports and use athletic supports should make sure they fit well and use them only when needed for play.
4) Choose wider, more comfortable bicycle seats. Men who cycle regularly may experience increased circulatory issues. Although a wide bicycle seat is not as sporty or stylish as a narrow racing seat, it creates less pressure in this sensitive area.
5) Nourish the erogenous skin with a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Nutrients such as Vitamin C (an important component in the formation and maintenance of blood vessels) and L-arginine (which assists with the oxygenation of nerve and skin cells) can help to improve circulation and may have a positive effect on sexual function and overall penis health.
Expert Author John Dugan
For all the pleasure that guys get from their penis and the excitement that it provides, relatively few men pay enough attention to proper penis care. But putting off caring for the penis can have negative repercussions, both in the short term and over a lifetime. Unfortunately, the occasional shower and using protection during sex are not enough to ensure the good health of the penis skin, nerve cells and circulatory tissue.
After reading the information below concerning the problems that can occur without proper attention to penis care, guys should understand why keeping the skin well-hydrated and nourishing it with penis vitamins and minerals is an essential part of every man's personal care regimen.
Skin infections- Bacterial and fungal infections of the penis are common, both in circumcised and uncircumcised men. Yeast infections, balanitis (infection of the glans and/or foreskin), jock itch, and other types of microbial invaders can cause redness, burning, itching, swelling and foul odors. Keeping the skin smooth and blemish-free through proper moisturizing and applying natural anti-bacterials such as vitamin A may help to prevent harmful fungal and bacterial invaders from affecting the look and feel of the penis.
Bent or shortened penis- Unfortunately, it's true that the penis can actually become shorter, or it may take on a bent or curved appearance during erections. This is generally the result of either cumulative or traumatic injury to the penis that causes the formation of scar tissue under the penis skin. Nutrients such as vitamin C are an essential building block of dermal tissue, including the connective tissue that gives the skin its elasticity. Treating the skin regularly with vitamins that benefit skin health may help to decrease the risk of developing deformities.
Loss of sensitivity- Most men report that over time, their penis becomes less sensitive, and more effort is needed to stimulate an erection or create pleasurable sensations. Toughening of the penis skin as a result of friction created by masturbation, sex or even tight clothing can affect the sensitivity of the penile skin. Nourishing the skin and nerve cells with amino acids, skin-hydrating agents such as vitamin E and healing nutrients such as vitamins C, D and A may be indicated in maintaining penis sensitivity over the long term.
Oxidative damage to the penis skin cells - Like the skin covering the rest of the body, the outer dermal layer of the penis can be affected by exposure to UV rays and a variety of environmental contaminants. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid are known to fight cellular damage that can affect the ability of the skin to heal itself and produce healthy new tissue.
Circulatory problems- Inadequate circulation can affect the ability to achieve and maintain an erection, as well as desensitizing the penis and reducing the ability to experience sexual pleasure. Maintaining circulatory health is related to proper care of the penile blood vessels through nutrients such as vitamin C, which are needed for the repair and formation of circulatory tissue.
Where to find the right combination of nutrients for penis health
Keeping the penis skin hydrated and well-nourished with the right combination of vitamins, disease-fighting antioxidants, natural hydrating agents and amino acids may help to prevent a wide range of penis issues that can affect sensitivity and cause premature aging, infections, and unpleasant odors. A specialized penis health formula(most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may help to give the penis a softer, more supple look and feel, promote responsiveness to erotic stimulation, and boost the body's disease fighting abilities, increasing the overall health of the penis for years to come.
For additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy penis, visit: [http://www.penishealth101.com]. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.
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تطبيق رائع لتغيير إصدار هاتفك لكي تتمكن من تحميل التطبيقات الغير متوافقة مع جهازك بسهولة
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لتحميل التطبيق: Build Prop Editor

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التحديث الجديد الذي سبق إطلاقه في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية يكشف عن عدم وجود هذه الميزة المعتادة والتي تعتبر من أفضل ما يميز المساعد الرقمي "كورتانا"، وأشارت بعض المصادر الإعلامية أن السبب وراء حذف الميزة على منصة الاندرويد هو التعارض مع ميزة "Ok Google" التي تسمح باستدعاء المساعد الذكي "Google Now" من غووغل.

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طريقة نقل ملفات جهازك الأندرويد الى الحاسوب و العكس دون كيبل usb و بدون برنامج
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جميل .. الأن انقر على Turn On اذ و قبل ذلك تأكد جيدا أنك تلج نفس شبكة الواي فاي سواء على الحاسوب أو على الهاتف ، سيتم انشاء ip تزامني لربط الهاتف بالحاسوب و كما تشاهد معي في الصورة فذلك هو ip ستقوم بكتابته على شريط this pc بحاسوبك (My computer) ثم ستظهر لك جميع ملفات هاتفك كما أنك تستطيع حذف الأولى و نقل الأخرى كما تشاء و كأنك قمت بربط هاتفك بكيبل usb .. ناهيك عن تخليك و عدم الحاجة الى درايفر أو تعريف الهاتف بحاسوبك و العديد من الأمور.
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ثانيا :تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب دون الحاجة إلى حساب

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رابعا : سهولة الواجهة الرسومية

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Co byly indiánské války?

Od chvíle, kdy první bílý osadník stanul koncem 16. století na břehu Severní Ameriky, byly dny Indiánů sečteny. Během dalších tří století tyto původní Američany nemilosrdně vytlačovaly na západ další a další viny osadníků, kterým Indiáni prostě „stáli v cestě“. V honbě za naplněním toho, co chápali jako „zjevné předurčení“ k rozvoji země, se novousedlíci veškerými silami zbavovali domorodého obyvatelstva. Počátkem 19. století začaly nově vzniklé Spojené státy vytlačovat Indiány na západ od Missouri a jako náhradu jim nabízely půdu z.a řekou, přestože i na tu brzy pronikly. Když se Indiáni bránili, použila vláda sílu a výsledné „indiánské války“ zuřily po celém světadílu déle než sto let.
Posedlí touhou rozpínat se na západ, mnozí osadníci v Indiánech rádi viděli chladnokrevné divochy bránící pokroku. Ve skutečnosti však prérijní Indiáni žili se svým okolím v souladu. Žili v nomádských, lovecko-bojovnických společenstvích a jejich existence závisela na nekonečné prérii oplývající lovnou zvěří. Teď je neukojitelný hlad bílých a porušené smlouvy vyháněly dál na západ.
Roku 1830 schválil Kongres zákon o odsunu Indiánů, podle kterého mohly být kmeny ze své domoviny vystěhovány do rezervací vzdálených tisíce kilometrů. Byla jim nabídnuta náhrada v podobě každoroční renty, která se ovšem vyplácela zřídka. S malými vyhlídkami proti neustávajícím útokům federálního vojska hýli Indiáni v 80. letech minulého století téměř úplně porobeni. Přes 7,5 milionu hektarů volné půdy, po které se toulali před půl stoletím, se zmenšovalo na oplocené rezervace, roztroušené po západní části kontinentu. Roku 1868 podepsala americká vláda lara- mijskou smlouvu, která určovala Jižní Da- kotu na západ od Missouri za teritorium, které bude navždy patřit Indiánům. Tato úmluva vydržela šest let – než bylo v Černých horách, domovu několika kmenů, objeveno zlato. Protestovat proti pronikajícím prospektorům se ukázalo být neúčinné a někteří Siouxové a Severní Čejeni opustili rezervaci a překročili státní hranici, aby mohli lovit v horách Montany. Vláda jim pod hrozbou vězení a smrti nařídila, aby se vrátili.

Co sledovalo Prusko napadením Francie?

Po 200 let bylo Německo jen názvem pro shluk nezávislých států. Plán Otto von Bismarcka tyto země sjednotit pod pruským vedením vedl k prusko-francouzské válce. Roku 1868 již vytvořil Bismarck obranně pakty s ostatními německými státy a hledal možnost, jak je prověřit. Příležitost se mu naskytla, když Francouzi pod vedením Napoleona III. nepřátelsky zareagovali na záměr dosadit na uvolněný španělský trůn jednoho méně významného německého knížete.
Němci od svých nároků na trůn upustili, ale Francie vyslala do F.mže vyslance, který po pruském králi Vilému I. požadoval záruky, že princ nebude nároky na trůn uplatňovat ani v budoucnu. Král to odmítl a poslal Bismarckovi ze setkání zápis, který později vstoupil ve známost jako F.mžská depeše. Bismarck zápis zveřejnil, když jej nejprve upravil do podoby provokující Francouze.
Francouzská strana, jak Bismarck doufal. reagovala vyhlášením války. Než se však jejich vojska vůbec stačila mobilizovat. zaháiily útok na Francii armády německých států.

Jak se stal Abraham Lincoln prezidentem?

Jedním z nejdrahocennějších symbolů Ameriky je cesia Abrahama Lincolna z malého srubu do Bílého domu a způsob, jakým v roli prezidenta svou morální silou a odvahou pomohl svou vlast podržet v letech nejtěžší zkoušky.
Lincoln se narodil roku 1809 uprostřed lesů kentuckého pomezi. Když mu bylo sedm, přestěhovala se rodina do indiány a roku 1830 do Illinois. Téměř naprostý samouk Lincoln pracoval jako kupec, zeměměřič a poštmistr v New Salonní, kde rovněž studoval práva. Získal si pověst výtečného vypravěče a muže pevných zásad a roku 1834 byl zvolen do illinoiské státní legislativy. Koku 1836 se stal advokátem a založil si praxi v hlavním městě Illinois, ve Springfieldu. V letech 1847 až 1849 pracoval ve Sněmovně reprezentantů, ale neusiloval o znovuzvolení. Teprve zákon o Kansasu a Nebrasce z roku 1854, který povoloval otroctví na některých nových územích, pokud si ho místní obyvatelé odhlasují, Lincolna vrátil do politiky. Přestože v této době ješlě nebyl abolicio- nistou, považoval otroctví za zlo a proti jeho šíření vášnivě protestoval. O dva roky později vstoupil do nové protiotrokářské Republi-
Skromné začátky • Od narození v takto malém srubu vyrostl Abraham Lincoln v prezidenta Spojených států. V roce Í86S z ného atentát učinil mučedníka ideálů Unie. kánské strany a roku 1858 za ni za stát Illinois kandidoval do Senátu. Během kampaně v sérii diskusí se svým demokratickým soupeřem, senátorem Stephcnem Douglasein, své názory důrazně opakoval, a přestože volby prohrál, jeho veřejný postoj vůči rozšiřování otroctví mu získal republikánskou kandidaturu na prezidenta.
Ve volbách roku 1860 volili proti třem jiným kandidátům Lincolna jen čtyři z deseti Američanů a svého největšího soupeře Douglase porazil jen o vlásek. Jeho zvolení posloužilo sedmi jižanským státům jako signál k odtržení a brzy je následovaly další čtyři.
K prvnímu většímu válečnému střetnutí došlo 21. července roku 1861 v severovir- ginském Manassasu, kterému se v Unii říkalo Bull Run. Oba tábory tvořili nevy- cvičení a nezkušení vojáci. Přesto konfe- derační vojsko vedené Josephem E. John- stonem zahnalo vojáky generála Unie McDowella na útěk. Cílem vojáků Konfederace byl sám Washington, ale jejich armáda byla příliš oslabená těžce vydobytým vítězstvím a nepřítele nepronásledovala.
Již od počátku války si Sever uvědomoval, jaký význam má pro hospodářství Konfederace řeka Mississippi. V dubnu 1862 čelil vlajkový důstojník David G. Far- ragut se svou flotilou útokům z nepřátelských pevností a pronikl do New Orleansu, největšího jižanského přístavu. V červenci následujícího roku dobyl Ulysses S. Grant Vicksburg a generál Banks dobyl Port Hudson. Tyto úspěchy společně s krvavým vítězstvím u Gettysburgu zajistily Severu konečné vítězství.
V dlouhé válce bylo 22 milionů obyvatel početnějšího Severu oproti přibližně devítimilionovému Jihu včetně 3,5 milionu otroků ve výhodě. Průmyslové zázemí na Severu bylo mnohem silnější než v jižanských státech a loďstvo Severu mohlo blokádou uzavřít pobřeží. Svým houževnatým velením zahnal roku 1864 generál Crant v severní Virginii armádu.

Čína a historie

Rostoucí napětí mezi cizími zájmy v Číně a fanatickými protizápadní- mi elementy vyústilo ruku 1900 v krveprolití. .Již několik let hnutí, které se nazývalo Pěst spravedlnosti a míru, získávalo stoupence v provinciích Šan-tung, Č’-li a San-si na jih od Pekingu, kde podněcovalo nenávist vůči cizím obchodníkům a misionáfům. .leden misionář členy hnutí nazval boxery podle pohybů, které doprovázely jejich rituály.
Peking, kde cizí obchodníci a diplomaté žili za zdmi takzvané diplomatické čtvrti, po nějaký čas boxerská vláda teroru nezasáhla. Devatenáctého května roku 1900 však francouzský vyslanec obdržel zprávu, podle které byly životy Evropanů bydlících v diplomatické čtvrti ohroženy. Ve městě se boxeři tajné připravovali k útoku. O týden později přerušili železniční spojení mezi Pekingem a Tchien-ťinem. Byl to signál k zahájení bitvy o Peking.
Despotická císařovna vdova Cch’-si, která Číně fakticky vládla, vyhlásila 18. června cizincům válku. Následujícího dne dala 11 vyslancům v diplomatické čtvrti ultimátum, podle něhož měli do 24 hodin Peking opustil. Vyslanci se však rozhodli zůstat. Odejít by znamenalo ponechat misionáře a tisíce čínských křesťanů, kteří
unikli před boxery do diplomatické čtvrti, jisté smrti.
Pak začalo obléhání diplomatické čtvrti. Proti spojeným sílám boxerů a pravidelné císařské armádě, které čítaly okolo 140 000 vojáků, mohli cizinci postavit pouze 400 mužů a čtyři lehká děla. Mezinárodní pomocné jednotky, složené převážně z britských a ruských vojáků a námořníků, vyrazily od pevnosti Ta-ku u ústí řeky Chaj- -ctie k Pekingu. Postupovaly však pomalu. Týden po začátku obléhání čtvrti byla pomoc ještě pořád nedaleko Tchien-ťinu, asi 100 kilometrů na jih od hlavního města. Ti cizí démoni, smála se vítězně Cclť-si, se chytili „jako ryba na udici“.
Během prvních dnů obléhání zasypala každou budovu ve čtvrti soustředěná palba z čínských polních děl. Italové, Němci, Japonci, Francouzi a Rakušané museli opustit vlastní vyslanectví a vyhledat útočiště na britském zastupitelství, které se stalo středem hrdinné obrany. K obraně byli organizováni i civilisté, narychlo se budovaly zákopy a stavěly barikády. Ženy plnily pytle pískem a připravovaly kbelíky s vodou na uhašení požárů. V diplomatické čtvrti byl dostatek vody, ale jídla poskrovnu. Když došlo hovězí i skopové, vyráběly se párky z koňského masa a ke konci obléhání byli čínští křesťané nuceni jíst kůru a listí. Největší nebezpečí hrozilo čínským studentům na barikádách. „Uvědomovali jsme si,“ vzpomínal jeden, „že pro bezpečnost všech musíme životy cizinců zachránit.“
Po tři týdny vázlo obléhání na mrtvém bodé, když vyčerpaní obyvatelé čtvrti obdrželi zprávu, že cizí expediční vojska dobyla Tchien-ťin. Čínský dvůr 14. července souhlasil s příměřím, to bylo po dvou týdnech porušeno, ale když 14. srpna podnikli boxeři na čtvrť poslední útok — po osmi týdnech od začátku obléháni pomocné jednotky už dorazily na předměstí Pekingu. Jedna po druhé padaly brány ve hradbách starého města do rukou pomocných vojsk a císařovna vdova unikla Branou ctnostného vítézstvi a uprchla do Si-anu v provincii San-si. Tam vydala prohlášení, kterým z pohromy obvinila všechny kromě sebe.
Pro obyvatele Pekingu měla porážka boxerů strašlivou dohru. Vítězové se chtěli pomstít a pustili se do bezohledného rabování, béhem něhož Zakázané město přišlo o své drahokamy a další starodávné poklady. Stovky čínských žen se v hrůze před západními vojáky vrhly do městských studní. Kolik tisíc obětí si v celé Číně boxerské povstání vyžádalo, není známo. V pekingské diplomatické čtvrti zahynulo 231 cizinců, většinou misionářů.
Za krveprolití si Západ vyžádal tvrdou daň. Smlouva z roku 1901 uložila čínské vládě obrovské odškodné ve výši 67 milionů liber. Dále musela Čína přistoupit na rozmístění cizích jednotek v diplomatické čtvrti a podél železniční trati z Tchien- -ťinu do Pekingu. Číně se zakazoval dovoz zbraní a ministrům, kterým se v budoucnu nepodaří potlačit vzpoury proti cizincům, hrozilo propuštění. Takové ponížení odzvonilo dynastii Čching, která Číně vládla od roku 1644.
واقع حواسك في رؤيه الوان
واقع حواسك في رؤيه الوان

في منتصف القرن ال20جه عالم اسمه ليونارد ساسكيند ودا مكنش معترف بفكره الواقع يعني كام بيقول ان كل حاجه حوالينا ملهاش ملمس ولا ريحه ولا طعم ولا لون وان كل دي عمليات بتحصل جوا مخك وسعات مخنا بيضحك علينا زي انه لما بيعوز ينام بيحسسك بالسقعه عشان تروح عالسرير و يسهيك وتنام وبيضحك عليك كتير في العاب الخداع البصري المعروفه.

سؤال هوا انت واثق في حواسك؟

طب بص كده شعورك ب انك تحب شخص او تكره شخص دا بيبقا عباره عن مشاعر مش موجوده بس بتحصل تفاعلات كيميائيه في مخك بتخليك تحس بالحب او الكره.

لسه واثق في حواسك؟

انت ايدك متكونه من ذران متكونه من نواه وحواليها الكترونات والزرتين عمرهم ما يلمسو بعض الا اذا تفاعلو بسبب المجال الساالب الخارجي لكل ذره اللي بيتنافر مع اي ذره تانيه بشده الا اذا اتفاعلو وانت لما تمسك حاجه ف ذرات ايدك متفاعلتش مع ذرات الحاجه ففي الحاله دي انت ملمستهاش عشان المجالات السالبه دي يعني من الاخر انت عمرك ما لمست حاجه وكل حاجه مخك هوا اللي كان بيهيألك انك لمستها.

لسه واثق في حواسك؟

التذوق والشم عباره عن تفاعل الحاجات اللي انت كلتها او شمتها مع مركبات معينه في الخلايا الحساسه ليها وبتنقا سيالات عصبيه للمخ بنتيجه التفاعل يعني مخك اللي بيحسسك بالطعم او الريحه من اعضاء التذوق والشم.

لسه بردو؟

لعلمك انت عندك نقطه عاميه في نظرك نتيجه التقاء اجزاء الشبكيه ف مفيهاش مخاريط تشتقبل الضوء ومخك بيخبيهالك ب اي حاجه تكمل الصوره  منغير ما حضرتك تاخد بالك.

لسه صح؟

خليك معايه في ناس كتير جدا علي مستوي العالم عندهم عمي الوان بين الاخضر والازرق يعني هما شايفين الاخضر ازرق والازرق اخضر وهما متعودين ان اخضر الشجر بتاعهم هوا الازرق بتاعك ولو يشوفو الشجر باللون الاخضر بتاعك اللي هوا الازرق عنهم هيبقو مستغربين جدا يعني بمعني اصح هما شايفين الشجر ازرق بس يمكن يكون اللون الطبيعي اصلا الازرق واحنا اللي عندنا عمي الوان ويمكن الازرق بتاعي مش هوا الازرق بتاعك من الاخر كل حاجه مخك بيظبطهالك عشان تحس ان حواسك كلها شغاله تمام رغم انهم مش بيشتغلو منغير المخ عشان هوا اساس الحواس الخمسه والحواس عباره عن مستقبلات بس من اعضاء احساس.


انت حواسك مش عطلانه انت عينك ما شاء الله متكلفه كفايه انها بتشوف 3 مليون لون وجلدك بيحس بالخشونه والنعومه والحراره والبروده منغير ما يلمس حاجه اصلا.انت كده عرفت ان مخك بيضحك عليك بس هتعمل اي يعني XD.