Hotel Griffon Receives a Wonderful Review from,
This month, Hotel Griffon had a wonderful visit from Hill City Bride author, Jennifer Prince. Hill City Bride was created in 2010 to be a niche Virginia wedding blog to serve as a resource for Lynchburg weddings while also providing local vendors a venue in which to showcase their work and services. Needless to say, her blog has grown tremendously and we are thankful to be a part of it! 
Below is a snippet of the great things Jennifer had to say about Hotel Griffon. 
"As far as accommodations, the rooms are so cozy – yet view was looking out towards the Oakland Bay Bridge and then looking towards the San Francisco piers. So gorgeous! Truly, the views from Hotel Griffon were a highlight, and I loved looking out over all of the scenery."
 Read the full article here. 


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