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Drones are becoming a darling of law enforcement authorities across the country. But they have given rise to fears of government surveillance, in many cases even before they take to the skies. And that has prompted local and state lawmakers from Seattle to Tallahassee to outline how they can be used by police or to ground them altogether.
Although surveillance technologies have become ubiquitous in American life, like license plate readers or cameras for catching speeders, drones have evoked unusual discomfort in the public consciousness.
“To me, it’s Big Brother in the sky,” said Dave Norris, a city councilman in Charlottesville, Va., which this month became the first city in the country to restrict the use of drones. “I don’t mean to sound conspiratorial about it, but these drones are coming, and we need to put some safeguards in place so they are not abused.”
In Charlottesville, police officers are prohibited from using in criminal cases any evidence obtained by drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles. Never mind that the city police department does not have a drone, nor has it suggested buying one. The police are not barred from using drones for other efforts, like search and rescue.
Mr. Norris said the advent of new policing technologies poses new policy dilemmas for his city.
Charlottesville permits the police to install cameras temporarily in areas known for drug dealing, but it has rebuffed a police request to install cameras along its downtown shopping corridor. It has also chosen not to install cameras at traffic lights to intercept speeding cars, as is common elsewhere.
“Drones are capable of taking surveillance to a whole new level,” Mr. Norris said.
Last week, the Seattle Police Department agreed to return its two still-unused drones to the manufacturer after Mayor Michael McGinn answered public protests by banning their use. On Thursday, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in Oakland, Calif., listened to the county sheriff’s proposal to use federal money to buy a four-pound drone to help his officers track suspected criminals — and then listened to raucous opposition from the antidrone lobby, including a group that uses the Twitter handle @N.O.M.B.Y., short for Not Over My Back Yard.
This week, members of Congress introduced a bill that would prohibit drones from conducting what it called “targeted surveillance” of individuals and property without a warrant.
federal law enacted last year paved the way for drones to be used commercially and made it easier for government agencies to obtain them. The Department of Homeland Security offered grants to help local law enforcement buy them. Drone manufacturers began to market small, lightweight devices specifically for policing. Drones are already used to monitor movement on the United States’ borders and by a handful of police departments, and emergency services agencies around the country are just beginning to explore their uses.
The Federal Aviation Administration has received about 80 requests, including some from police and other government agencies, for clearance to fly drones, according to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which seeks to limit their use for police surveillance.
Law enforcement authorities say drones can be a cost-effective technology to help with a host of policing efforts, like locating bombs, finding lost children, monitoring weather and wildlife or assisting rescue workers in natural disasters.
“In this time of austerity, we are always looking for sensible and cost-effective methods to improve public safety,” said Capt. Tom Madigan of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. “We are not looking at military-grade Predator drones. They are not armed.”
For now, drones for civilian use run on relatively small batteries and fly short distances. In principle, various sensors, including cameras, can be attached to them. But there is no consensus in law on how the data collected can be used, shared or stored.
State and local government authorities are trying to fill that void. As they do, they are weighing not only the demands of the police and civil libertarians but also tricky legal questions. The law offers citizens the right to take pictures on the street, for instance, just as it protects citizens from unreasonable search.
State legislatures have come up with measures that seek to permit certain uses, while reassuring citizens against unwanted snooping.
Virginia is furthest along in dealing with the issue. In early February, its state Legislature passed a two-year moratorium on the use of drones in criminal investigations, though it has yet to be reviewed by the governor.
In several states, proposals would require the police to obtain a search warrant before collecting evidence with a drone.
Arizona is among them. So is Montana. The bill’s sponsor there, Senator Matt Rosendale, a Republican, said he had no problems with drones being used for other purposes, like surveying forest fires, but he was especially vexed by the prospect of government surveillance. The manufacturers, he added, were marketing the new technology to government agencies, but neither federal nor local statutes specified how they could be used. “The technology was getting in front of the laws,” Mr. Rosendale said.
An Idaho lawmaker, Chuck Winder, said he did not want to restrict law enforcement with a search warrant requirement. He said he was drafting language that would give law enforcement discretion to evaluate if there was “reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct.”
The attention by lawmakers has delighted traditional privacy advocates. “I’ve been working on privacy issues for over a decade and rarely do we see such interest in a privacy threat that’s largely in the future,” said Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington. “Drones are a concrete and instantly graspable threat to privacy.”
A counterargument has come from an industry group, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, which downplays fears about wholesale surveillance. The drones for sale for civilian use, it says, are nothing like the armed military grade aircraft used in wars overseas.
“They’re another tool in the law enforcement representative’s tool kit,” said Gretchen West, the group’s executive vice president. “We’re not talking about large aircraft able to surveil a large area.”
The F.A.A. is drafting rules on how drone licenses will be issued. On Thursday, it announced the creation of six sites around the country where drones of various sorts can be tested. Pressed by advocacy groups, it said it would invite public comment on privacy protections in those sites.
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Duluth, Minn. (22 December 2014) – Cirrus Aircraft announced today the successful maiden flight of the third and final conforming flight test aircraft, ‘C-Two’ (C2), in their Vision SF50 personal jet program. The initial flight of C2 marks the latest significant milestone for the Vision™ jet program as C2 now joins C0 and C1 in FAA flight testing and certification activities.
C2’s first flight took place on Saturday afternoon, 20 December at approximately 14:00 from Duluth International Airport (KDLH). Upon completion of the scheduled 20 minute flight, Director of Engineering Flight Test, Mike Stevens reported, “Though this first flight was planned to be brief, C2 flew as predicted and initial handling qualities were confirmed. More important, today’s flight is a reflection on the dedication and determination of the Vision jet development team. Thanks to each and every one of our team members in Duluth, we are moving forward into 2015 on schedule.”
“Today’s flight marks another milestone for Cirrus Aircraft and for General Aviation,” said Dale Klapmeier, CEO and Co-founder, Cirrus Aircraft. “What a perfect holiday gift for Cirrus Aircraft employees, owners, operators and partners around the world. Three Vision jets flying is a fleet!” Klapmeier continued, “We are full steam ahead with our plans to revolutionize personal transportation again. The passion and dedication of the entire Cirrus Aircraft team that has brought us to this point is truly inspiring. It’s another proud day at Cirrus.”
Progress has accelerated further for the Vision SF50 personal jet flight test program in recent months. Since its first flight on 24 March 2014, C0 has performed a wide range of aerodynamic performance and handling tests and will continue to expand its flight test regime in the near future, including in-flight parachute testing. C1 first flew on 25 November 2014 with its primary focus on Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) certification. C2 now enters the program with the goals of performing reliability and optional equipment testing, as well as serving as a catalyst for flight standards and training evaluations. All three aircraft combined have logged more than 250 flight hours over 177 flights. The next aircraft set to join the Vision SF50 jet program will be the first production aircraft, known as ‘P-One” (P1). P1 is scheduled to roll off the production line in the second half of 2015.
The Vision SF50 is a revolutionary personal jet designed to fill the significant gap between high-performance piston singles and light jets. Simple to fly and easy to own and operate, the Vision SF50 jet is designed, in conjunction with a planned world-class training program and experience, to be a straightforward transition for pilots of high-performance aircraft, such as the Cirrus SR22T. It features a high-end cruise speed of 300 KTAS, advanced avionics, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) and an all-carbon fiber structure. With over 500 position holders, a current list price of $1.96 million and seating up to five adults and two smaller passengers in an expansive cabin, the Vision SF50 sets a new standard in luxury and flexibility for pilots and passengers. First customer deliveries of the aircraft are currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2015.
For more information, please visit cirrusaircraft.com.
Cirrus Aircraft is a recognized leader in general aviation. Its all-composite line of personal aircraft – the SR20, SR22 and the turbocharged SR22T – incorporate innovative and advanced performance, electronic and safety technologies, including Cirrus Perspective™ by Garmin® avionics and the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). To date, total time on the worldwide Cirrus Aircraft SR-series fleet surpassed six million flight hours with 103 lives saved as a direct result of CAPS being a standard safety feature on all Cirrus aircraft. The Cirrus Vision SF50 jet, with over 500 production positions reserved, will provide a new personal and regional business transportation solution: the personal jet. All Cirrus aircraft are made in the U.S. with a direct sales force in North America and authorized sales centers covering export markets in 60 countries around the world. Cirrus Aircraft is wholly owned by China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CAIGA).  For additional information on Cirrus and its products please visit cirrusaircraft.com.  Cirrus is a registered trademark.  All rights reserved.
CONTACT: Ben Kowalski Vice President, Marketing +1.218.788.3435

10 Things Most Girls Love In Bed But Rarely Talk About

Everyone has fantasies, even if they don’t admit to them, from everything from the creepy to the freaky, and everything in between. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone, including the girls around you, your partner, and even your would be partner. Everyone has their own secret fetishes, and you have no idea about what they are, or how they choose to indulge in them. Even more surprising are the things on this list of the top secret fetishes of women. They won’t tell you about them, but you could always ask to be the one to satisfy the itch.

#1 - Being Tied Up

Once Fifty Shades Of Grey was released so many women were able to admit that being tied up is one of their fantasies. Ask her how she feels about Mr Grey.
#2 - Filming the act for the future

Many women have secret fantasies about being filmed. They like the feeling of being filmed, and they like to watch it over and over again, just like you do. You could ask her if this is something she’s into. Never do this secretly by yourself without consent though!
#3 - Accessories and toys can help to achieve new highs

Women love to accessorize their outfits, well the same rules apply to sex. Accessories like a 50 shades gray tie, or a pair of handcuffs will make everything much hotter.
#4 - Blindfolding brings in the mystery

Being blindfolded during sex amps up the anticipation, and heightens the intensity. Ask your lover if she wants to be blindfolded, or if she wants to blindfold you.
#5 - Spooning

Sex isn’t just sex. It can mean intimacy as well, and there’s no better way to encourage intimacy than caressing each other, and spooning all night.
#6 - Dirty Talk

There’s nothing wrong with some dirty talk in the bedroom. Keep it mild mannered in public, but let your dirty side out when you’re alone.
#7 - Roleplaying 

A lot of women have secret roleplay fantasies. Roleplay can make sex exciting, and even more fun, but you will need to talk to your lover, and decide which roles excite both of you.
#8 - Lubes for that extra moist

Lubes can help make sex easier, and applying it can feel very intimate.
#9 - Adult movies

Some women really enjoy watching adult films, especially with their significant other. Ask your lover if she would like to try watching some adult movies with you.
#10 - Messy

Most of the time women don’t like to get messy, but introducing things like creams, sauces, ad edible body paint into your sex life could be a naughtier way to get messy.
Expert Author Sherry Lynn
I came out of a coma. It wasn't expected. It also surprised doctors and family that I wasn't in worse physical shape. I looked like I had lost in the boxing ring-both front teeth gone, tongue double its size and seriously bruised all over.
The stress of stoking the energy of my mother's life from the dying embers had overtaken me. The one thing that helped was forbidden by Mom's oldest daughter: rescuing broken animals and loving them back to health.
As I focused against the glaring hospital lights, I saw my sad, tiny mother sitting next to my snarling sister. "I just became your worst enemy," were the first words I heard her say. She stepped fully into that role and has done immeasurable damage to my life before and since then.
The kind of energy that my sibling exudes at me or anyone who challenges her is why I didn't want to be on this planet. It poisons people like me. Some of us can't absorb toxic energy and stay balanced. We are the writers, artists and creators from all walks of life and we co-create with the universe to bring our version of art to this world to raise the vibration.
I let myself get weak by focusing on someone else's needs in place of my own. A better plan would be to extend care in 'deposits' but always hold enough back to maintain a healthy, balanced life.
The police officer who showed up next to my hospital bed made eye contact and said, "Can you stand?" He helped me to my feet and added, "I prefer not to cuff you unless I have to." I knew but he didn't, "I had no fight left." I surrendered.
It's a good thing I did because at that point, I was no longer free. Reaching for the door handle for the first time was sobering. It wasn't there. I couldn't open it. Only a human wearing white had the authority to let me go.
Sobriety came on quickly when I learned that 'family' (my older sister) had requested 'permanent placement.' The nurse/social worker/person in white said they no longer do that. This is a 'temporary stop to check your meds and not an incarceration', she informed me. Nice that Sis thought of my future so highly.
"This ends here," I told myself. I was ready to listen to anyone who had answers. Little did I know that doctors didn't know what to do with alcoholics. They are as baffled as many drinkers are regarding why we do what we do to the extent that we do it.
Chemically imbalanced brains will make lethal choices. That is my definition of insanity.

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Tips for frequent travellers

Anyone who travels on a regular basis knows that there’s plenty of ways to make the experience a little bit easier. Before you go travelling, you should consider doing the following:
  • Load up your phone with apps. Whether you’re after a travel guide, a map, a dictionary or a phrase book, there are apps for pretty much everything that you can think of, many of which are completely free to download.
  • Book flights for affordable times. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays tend to be the busiest times for airports, and flights on these days can end up being much more expensive. If you can, book a midweek flight instead.
  • Travel in the off-season. September and October flights, for instance, are much less costly than flights in the summer.
  • Back up your documents. You can never be too safe when it comes to your travel documents, so make sure that before you travel you’ve got electronic and physical backups. To be even more safe, save copies on cloud-based internet storage sites like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Make a checklist of everything you’re travelling with. This can be a real boon if the airplane ends up losing your luggage.
*Annual cover from £10.53 based on an individual aged 18 taking annual cover for travel in Europe. Cover starts on the 1st of December 2017 and ends after a year.

We're here to help you compare travel insurance

Do I need travel insurance?

Whether it’s a short city-break or a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, travel insurance provides cover should you face expensive medical bills if you’re injured or taken ill, or if something goes wrong with your trip.

Types of travel insurance

There are various types of travel insurance. For example, you can get cover for a single trip, or you can buy a 12-month multi-trip policy. Cover is also available for couplesfamilies or groups.
You can also tailor your insurance according to where you are going and the activities you’ll be undertaking, including:
types of travel insurance illustration

The Elan Hotel Reviewed by Fashion Blogger,
The Elan Hotel was recently visited by fashion blogger, Fancy Nancista who was in town visiting a friend. Of the things she enjoyed about The Elan Hotel, Nancy mentioned that her favorite part of The Elan Hotel is its location. She loved that it is in the perfect spot for staying in West Hollywood and is close to high-end shopping, amazing food, and many of Los Angeles' main attractions like LACMA and Rodeo Drive. We are pleased to hear that Fancy Nancista enjoyed her stay at The Elan Hotel, Los Angeles. You can read her full review here. 
Hotel Griffon Receives a Wonderful Review from,
This month, Hotel Griffon had a wonderful visit from Hill City Bride author, Jennifer Prince. Hill City Bride was created in 2010 to be a niche Virginia wedding blog to serve as a resource for Lynchburg weddings while also providing local vendors a venue in which to showcase their work and services. Needless to say, her blog has grown tremendously and we are thankful to be a part of it! 
Below is a snippet of the great things Jennifer had to say about Hotel Griffon. 
"As far as accommodations, the rooms are so cozy – yet spacious...my view was looking out towards the Oakland Bay Bridge and then looking towards the San Francisco piers. So gorgeous! Truly, the views from Hotel Griffon were a highlight, and I loved looking out over all of the scenery."
 Read the full article here.